Mission and Vision

The vision of the Tbilisi Open University is to establish a favorable conditions for the development of quality education, scientific research and professional skills that are demanded and competitive at both local and international markets.

The mission of the Tbilisi Open University is to equip students with the practical and intellectual skills that are in accordance with the latest trends of the international labor market by providing newest teaching methodologies, favorable research conditions and assistance in development of practical skills. By creating a multicultural and democratic climate in the university, to inspire development of a person with high civic responsibility, critical and creative thinking.


  • Openness
    Openness of students, academic staff and administration for new ideas, innovations and changes.
  • Involvement
    Making decisions with the maximum involvement and participation of students and academic staff.
  • Internationalization
    Orientation and operation on International Standards of Higher Education.
  • Progressiveness
    Introduction of modern techniques and approaches in learning, research and organizational development.