The Tbilisi Open University Alumni Association is dedicated to forging and preserving lifelong relationships with alumni, students and the community.

TOU Alumni Association provides ways for alumni to connect with one another, engage in fun and rewarding activities, foster education and advance their careers. Since its founding, the association has become an integral part of the University campus community and acts as a bridge to local, national and international communities.

Fellow alumni can offer career opportunities and open doors to each others future. Members of Alumni Association exchange ideas and career opportunities and enjoy a long list of other benefits. Recent graduates have a great market source at their disposal when searching for career opportunities. Executives looking for staff already have an idea of the quality of education that their candidate has received. For new entrepreneurs, the association opens up a potential network of professionals who share the same values and principles, which generates trust from the beginning.

The TOU Alumni Association in partnership with Career Development Center holds regular networking events, presentations, talks and seminars designed to further-promote connections between alumni who are active members of the public services and business community.

Irina Margishvili
Tel: (+995 32) 2402946 (ext: 301)
E-mail: [email protected]