The goals and functions of the Center

უწყვეტი განათლებისა და კარიერული ზრდის ცენტრი

Help students, based on the requirements of the labor market, in general skills development, such as interviewing techniques, motivation letter, resume writing, self-presentation, etc.

Inform students about the current events and perspectives on the labor market; Find and offer job opportunities for them.

Student / Graduate Assistance in Professional Orientation and Self-Determination, Defining Priorities and Proper Career. Personal or group meetings with students;

Assistance to employers and to plan and implement specific thematic activities for this purpose;

Creation of employer base, seminars, meetings, employment forum, etc.

Cooperate with employers, sign memorandums and hold various meetings aimed at facilitating employment, practice and internship of students;

Organize internships and practices in Georgia or abroad;

The introduction of a continuous education system, which means organizing appropriate measures to improve the qualifications of the administration and academic personnel; Offering training and seminars;

Getting continuous contact with alumni, organizing meetings with them and caring for career development.