Bachelor Program of Journalism

This program enables students to choose a career from various stages of media production. With an emphasis on the social and cultural impact of various media forms, this program examines the technologies, practices and policies that drive modern media communications. It equips students with the skills, understanding and professionalism required for a career in the media industry.

Students are taught by journalists with many years experience in print, radio and television. Will learn the professional aspects of journalism practice, the history and economics of the media, social and ethical issues, together with a theoretical understanding of media law and regulation.

This course is specifically designed to establish a strong foundation which would enable the students to develop a deeper understanding of communication. The format of the course is designed in such a way that would further help the students to develop an ability to choose their area of specialization in their desired field.

Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Credits/Duration of the course
240 ECTS/8 semesters (each semester consists of 20 weeks)

Teaching Language