Private/Business Law

The aim of this educational program is to prepare and acquire the graduate with the relevant qualification of requirements of the legal field; To train qualified and competitive specialist having Master’s degree in Private/Business law in educational and employment market; Preparation for further study at the Doctorate program. 

The curriculum of the educational program is designed due to the necessity of formulation of skills of conjuncture requirements of the labor market and business environment. Particular attention has been paid to practical courses. In the faculty there is functioning Legal Clinic to better equip students with practical skills and give a first-hand exposure to the real world legal experience. The program is focused on preparing a Master's Student for the regulatory profession of the lawyer and developing the knowledge and skills required for the activities of business law.

Implementation of the program is provided by highly qualified staff. Components provided by the educational program are led by university academic personnel, invited staff with appropriate experience and competencies.
Master in Private/Business Law 

Credits / Duration
120 ECTS / 4 semesters 

Teaching Language: