School of law

სამართლის სკოლა

The TOU School of Law was established in 2002, the same year when the university was founded. During these years it has made a significant contribution to the preparation of highly qualified staff and development of Georgian law school. The school continues the tradition to maintain high standards of education based on implementation of innovative and effective management, continuous renewal of teaching methodology and utilization of new methods and regular updates of educational programs.

At TOU School of Law there are various programs including: Bachelor of Law, Master of Criminal Law and Master in Private/Business Law focused on providing students with a thorough theoretical knowledge and development of practical, professional and personal skills in line with opportunities for professional growth and continious education to enable future specialists to study the complex and dynamic processes in the field of law.

In the course of the study, great attention is paid to the transfering theoretical knowledge into practice. At TOU Law School there is a legal clinic and simulated court room. There is also a research center focused on local and international scientific research. In addition, the student is given the possibility to enrich the practical knowledge and transfer the skills gained at the classroom into the real world experience under the School's agreements with various organizations.

The TOU Law School has special emphasis on attracting highly qualified scientific and administrative personnel. In particular, the focus is on highly qualified readership and scholarly research activities by scholars. The professors of the university are well-known specialists and their professionalism is recognized not only in Georgia but internationally.

The university is equipped with all the necessary facilities to give students opportunity to acquire the legal education of the highest standard and to give a chance for optimal realization of their capabilities.