Business and Psychology – New chance for Business Administration Program Entrees

What’s new at Tbilisi Open University?

Business Administration Renovated Program – One more good news for entrees.

Entrees of Renovated Program have an opportunity to learn Psychology as a minor direction together with other various important subjects. Choosing Psychology as a minor program has got an important role in modern business world.

Why should you choose Psychology?

Because you will improve knowledge in following directions:

  • Psychology as an interdisciplinary science;
  • Cognition and Social psychology;
  • Personality Psychology;
  • Developmental Psychology;

And why should you choose Business Administration Program?

Because you will learn:

  • Accounting;
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
  • Marketing;
  • Management;
  • Organizational behavior.

Students who will choose Business Administration Program and at the same time will decide to study minor program of Psychology, will realize that the joints between these two programs are very important in modern business world. Also we have to mention that business world actively investigate such kind of joints because companies need to use important aspects of psychology within the decision making and working process. And finally because the unite of these directions is oriented on successful management (e.g. Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, etc.).

In conclusion, graduates of Business Administration Program who will study Psychology as a minor program become more competitive on labor market that is the first thing that Tbilisi Open University wishes for its students.