Opportunity to go to China for School Students

Here is the good news for SCHOOL STUDENTS!
If you are learning Chinese, having interests in Chinese language and culture, and want to share your experience internationally with more than 100 representatives of the world, come and join us in the "Chinese Language Bridge" competition.  you will have the opportunity to go to China! 
The registration for the competition has begun!
Please be informed that the "Chinese Language Bridge" competition for SCHOOL STUDENTS will be held on June 15th at Tbilisi Open University. Students between 15 (or will be 15 in September) to 20 can register for the competition. The competition is organized by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Georgia and the Confucius Classroom at Tbilisi Open University. 
Time: On 15th June, at 15:00
Place: Conference Hall of Tbilisi Open University (-1st floor).
Competition consists of two parts:
• Report on Chinese language (Topic: 携手汉语, 筑梦未来 Learning Chinese, Greeting Bright Future) and question-answer.
• Talent show on Chinese culture and/or language.
Two Georgian participants selected by the jury will go to China in October to the final competition in China.
Register no later than 13th of June at the following link: