Renovated International Relations Program at TOU

What’s new at Tbilisi Open University? Since 2021 we offer entrees lots of interesting changes. One of them is Renovated International Relations Program.

Why Tbilisi Open University? What makes renovated International Relations Program competitive?

  • The Curriculum Gap – subjects that are available only at Tbilisi Open University; (Country and Diaspora, International Correspondence, etc.)
  • Renewed List of Lecturers – 7 Extraordinary and Plenypotentiary of Georgia and also, public officers with huge practical and theoretical knowledge.
  • Intensive English - Part of compulsory subjects are taught in English. (1 Compulsory, 2 Elective)
  • European Union Research Centre and National and International Security Research Center.

As a head of Renovated International Relations Program George Lemonjava says: “Changes are totally focused on making students actively involved within the practical processes and also they will have an opportunity to get knowledge from highly experienced people.”

Become the part of the renovated International Relations Program at TOU, get practice based education and be the part of International Relations Network!