Law and Economics centre opening

On May 1, Tbilisi Open University opened the Center of Law and Economics, founded in partnership with Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University faculty of law. Other partners of the centre include Georgian Bar Association and High Council of Justice of Georgia.

The Center of Law and Economics is based at TOU and aims to study legislative, scientific and practical processes in the field of law and economic policy, have an effective response to problems and challenges and keep the public informed on ongoing activities

The mission of the Center is to create an environment of interdisciplinary discussions and ideas on topical issues of law and economic policy, where scientists in the field, as well as practicing specialists and students will be actively involved.

The event was held at Tbilisi Open University and was attended by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Deputy Minister of Justice, Deputy Chairman of Supreme Court of Georgia, Rector of Tbilisi State University, Chairman of Georgian Bar Association, Academics, Judges and members of parliament.

After the presentation, Professor Irakli Burduli delivered a report entitled "Nekrorecepcion in Georgia." After the presentation the discussion was held among the guests.