International School of medicine (ISM)

International School of medicine (ISM) formed in 2017. Medical Programs at Tbilisi Open University are in line with the global labor market requirements for the Medical Doctor and the Dentistry. Our programmers are prepared according to the standard of learning components, and offer students an opportunity to obtain quality knowledge in medical field.
Combination of three main things: education, science and clinical practice - gives possibility to our students became competitive and patient oriented professional. Students are expected knowledge and practical skills gained based on global standards of World Federation Medical Education’s (WFME).

The simulation and laboratory rooms based at the TOU’s Campus help students in depth analysis of clinical sciences. The studying process involves student- oriented modern methods, such as: Problem Based Learning (PBL), Role Play, Case-study, tutorials and etc. In the teaching - learning process Objective Structured Clinical examination (OSCE) is used.

University cooperates with variety of multiprofile hospitals, such as:

  1. Medical Center VIAMED
  2. Archangel st. Michael multiprofile clinical hospital
  3. Metabolic diagnostic centre ENMEDIC
  4. LTD PINEO medical ecosystem
  5. Center for mental health and prevention of addiction
  6. Medical holding MEDISON
  7. National center of Surgery

Clinical subjects are held at hospitals, distinguished studying methods are in corporate in learning process: Clinical Based Learning (CBL) and Bed side teaching (BST) methods, where student under the supervision of physician -lecturer strengthen skills and knowledge in physical examination and in other clinical skills.